You May Enter…

Ah, they did it again!  Not only can I download pretty much anything I want off the net from TV shows to hardcore porn, but I can access any goddamn site I want, anywhere in the world!  Sure, I’d be far more excited if I wasn’t living in the US, but you just never know when a tool like this can come in handy.  Weird Uzbekistan porn site?  Entered!  Online gambling?  Gotta try it out, but it should work!  With the ability to pick the country to be unblocked, anything is accessible.  Try it out!  It’s kind of fun to change your country with the click of a button (and without paying a dime).  I don’t think the older versions have it, but if you download the latest version at you’ll have the ability to transport yourself elsewhere (well, at least as far as the internet is concerned.)  In the fight for free content worldwide, the team at torch browser took another giant step forward with this built in VPN extension.  And gave a major ‘fuck you’ to anyone who restricts their content because of location.