The Real Tragedy


The US has been up in arms since the verdict in the George Zimmerman/Treyvon Martin case came out on July 13th leaving George Zimmerman a free man.  Violent eruptions have broken out in different cities across the country, it’s been all the rage on social media platforms, and celebrities have voiced their opinions in hope that their social status will change perception.  All in all it’s a real circus, and much like any circus, the ridiculousness of certain aspects abound.  First off is that it was made into a racial thing. I find this to be the funniest considering neither man was white.  I understand the desire to bring everything down to race in a country of people that require very simple, uniform facts when passing judgment in light of the major brain pain caused from rational thought.  But for it to get SO much press as a race issue is a joke, right?  To have riots over a Latino man not going to jail when killing a black man is kind of pushing it race-wise, isn’t it?  I mean, I don’t remember a whole lot of times in the history of our country when the treatment of Latinos was considered more than sub par, and generally it’s been akin to that of blacks.  They are compatriots in this struggle which makes the idea of this being a racial issue nothing but laughable…and sad at the same time considering how many people have bought into it, and how ready the black community was to jump on that bus despite the fact that it went completely against any level of common sense.

All that said, when it comes down to the case, and whether the guy should have gotten off, well, no, he shouldn’t have.  If it really comes down to whether Zimmerman should or shouldn’t have gotten out of his car, then yes he is guilty.  He had called the police.  They were on the way.  He was told not to follow the kid.  If he hadn’t followed him, how would this have happened?  Did Martin drag him out of his car?  Doubtful.  The fact that the sequence of events happened is because he defied police orders and got out of his car.  On top of that, he wasn’t watching a guy who seemed dangerous in that no weapon was in view.  He wasn’t seeing a crime being committed.  He was an overzealous guy who wanted to be a hero, and you know what overzealous guys who want to be heroes tend to do?  Instigate fights they can’t win, pull guns, maybe even fake their own injuries (hey, I’m not saying he did, just that he could have).  This is a guy whose temper made it to the level of arrest more than once.  I know guys like him, and I know what they’re capable of.  If they see the chance for the light of glory to shine on them, they take it.  The fact that he was a little bruised up didn’t give him the right to shoot a kid.  It just backs up that he obviously initiated something he couldn’t handle, and then pussied out and pulled a gun.  Maybe the gun was out the whole time and the scuffle was over that.  Though it’s hard for anyone to know how the altercation started, it wasn’t because George Zimmerman was waiting in his car!  The idea of self-defense doesn’t allow a person to attack another person (or threaten them) and then pull a deadly weapon when they realize they can’t win.  It’s for people who are actually under attack.  Who have someone after them.  It was meant for Treyvon Martin.  It’s not meant for people that start fights; and having scrapes on him doesn’t mean Zimmerman didn’t start it, just that he was dumb enough to start a fight with someone who could kick his ass.  And rightfully so!  Under the circumstances Zimmerman sounded like one of those guys who thinks he is the police just because he has a gun and does a neighborhood watch.  He’s the exact kind of overzealous guy to make a faulty judgment (or simply rely on the fact that the gun is in his holster and not the other guy’s.)  He followed down an unarmed kid to the point of an altercation, and then shot him.  Of course he should be in prison, but it has absolutely nothing to do with his race, or Martin’s.  It invalidates the point of the case to say such things.  He should be in jail because he willfully disobeyed orders and committed a crime.  And then tried to hide behind the very law intended for real victims.  That’s why he should go to jail.  We don’t need the black community making it their stand, we need the thinking community to.  The one that understands rationality, and the law, and the psychology of a man like Zimmerman.

Last, but certainly not least, one of the reasons this is so big in the media, is because the media has made it big in the media.  While the US perpetrates horrible crimes on other countries, allows their own citizens to die of health problems that would be perfectly preventable with decent health care, markets the lowest level of food to bring on these health problems, and in pretty much every other way rapes their citizens, we’re arguing about this.  It’s about as helpful as arguing about abortion.  It incites rage in people, makes them choose sides, makes them hate each other, and does all this while more important things that actually effect all of us, are going on.  I feel awful for Treyvon Martin and his family.  If I had some asshole following me around at the age of 17 they would’ve seen some questionable behavior, but nothing that warranted a gunshot.  He was a kid.  Zimmerman wasn’t.  Zimmerman was a guy who had been arrested for violent crimes and then given a gun.  He is an example of a bigger issue that we aren’t even talking about.  But none of this, NONE OF THIS, should be inciting the kind of hatred and animosity it has within our country.  And the real tragedy here is the inability of the American people to understand when they’re being hogtied by their leaders, and manipulated.  Plenty of very important newsworthy things happen that never make it to the news because they aren’t allowed to.  When something blows up like this it’s because there’s promotion for it.  We should be asking ourselves not whether the verdict was fair, but what’s going on now that we should be paying attention to instead.