Oh, I’ll Twerk Her!


While the rest of America is up in arms over some dumb former child star turning into the newest pop slut, I say stick that ass out and twerk it a little more.  Why? Why do I not think it’s an atrocity of humanity? Well, for one thing, this is America. The one thing we’re pretty damn good at other than churning out legions of obese, semi-retarded carbon copies, is creating an array of slutty, generally half naked pop stars. Do we really have to have this conversation every time an awards show comes around? And do we have to act each time like it never happened before? Does anyone remember Madonna from the 80s? Or Britney about 10 years ago? Or the thousands of other wannabees waiting in line to skank out on TV when the camera turns in their direction? It’s MTV, it’s like the home for wayward girls. Every Disney sweetheart eventually grows up, and if they grow up within the realm of pop culture having their asses licked by the multitudes every day, they’re likely to end up the kind of raging whore to turn their ass to an auditorium full of people and shake it. We already know this shit, so let’s stop with this being surprised about the state of humanity crap! Besides, though it might not say much for the state of humanity, neither does our sky high murder rate, the massive amount of human trafficking that goes on, or the overall culture of complacency that’s led to an embarrassing amount of obesity, and a criminal lack of basic education, let alone anything useful.

Second, and maybe more importantly, what the fuck else is the little twat going to do? The last resort of the egotistical talentless, which is what makes up the majority of the pop scene, is to wear as little as possible and gyrate enough to hypnotize the masses into thinking that there’s something worth buying into.  Why is there some expectation that an untalented little whore is going to produce anything more than an erection? Maybe we should be more let down that this is what MTV, a cultural hotspot for new music (though they never play it anymore) deemed the best that we had to offer this year.  As far as those inbred idiots that think she has some kind of responsibility to her fans and therefore acted inappropriately, I say ‘fuck you’. Fucking take responsibility for yourselves and your own stupid kids. She might owe us some better music for giving her a stage to twerk on, but she doesn’t owe anyone any more than that. If parents are concerned about their children maybe they should think about how they’re raising them instead of trying to blame the latest pop tragedy for their bad behavior. This shit is everywhere, it’s not like Miley Cyrus invented being slutty.

The last point I want to make is that I like music. I appreciate real musicians who write songs and then get up there with instruments and play them.  I appreciate the general history and culture of music.  What I’m truly offended by is that this is considered real music for so many people. That we actually act like this is something worth praising and putting on a stage and paying money for. If anything, it should be filed under ‘entertainment’.  This is freak show quality at best, and I’ve seen far better in that department. When there’s an awards show called ‘Video Music Awards’ is it that much of an expectation that actual music might come into play, and that it’s not just going to be a lot of rehearsed dance moves and shock value antics? I’m not offended that some self centered little rich girl rubbed her crotch on stage with a big foam finger and shook her ass like she was getting paid for it, I’m offended that her act is literally what passes for music these days.


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