No Restrictions!


I’m not a technologically advanced person.  I know about as much as the average person should to navigate the internet, and use the necessary programs.  I can’t write code, or build a computer.  Hell, I can’t even fix my computer when it has problems (and as an avid porn downloader I admit that sometimes it’s hard to avoid those pesky viruses…although, a computer infection is still much more preferable than the kind that makes it hurt when I piss and requires a shot of penicillin!)  I know enough about the internet to know that it’s waaaay too late in the game for there to be restrictions on the flow of content.  Realistically, once it goes up there, it’s for everyone.  Why?  Because that’s the way it fucking is!  And what really pinches my ballsack is when companies try to moderate this information.  It’s not 1998, or even 2004.  This is the Youtube world.  And, yeah, that sucks for industries that don’t want content to be made public, and then lose revenue because of it, but, well, it’s the price paid for these advances.  My answer to record companies and TV stations and movie execs who want to get around this is: fuck you!  It’s too late.  They might be holding on to the little bit of juice they have left, but within a few years it’ll be gone.  All it really means is that new ways of capitalizing on the system in place, or finding new ways to earn revenue, will be necessary.  It’s like the guy who used to make his living building carriages for horses.  Did we require the first cars to be made of wood to keep him in business?  Fuck no!  If industry wants to keep up then they have to find the appropriate way of doing so.

I’m not one to shill for a product, mainly because I like to get paid for my whoring around.  But since I’m talking about the idea of restricting the flow of content, I can’t help mentioning the browser I use most.  To be honest, I could care less about the two second difference in download times between browsers, or the fact that they can now connect your facebook page to your email account to your scrotum.  But I do care about being able to quickly and easily get what I want when I want it.  And without signing up for things, paying money, or having to figure out what extras I need to use in order to get where i want to go.  I LIKE easy.  In both women and my ability to download.  And I like the idea of an entity on the internet who understands that information on the internet is for EVERYBODY.  Quite frankly, I was ecstatic when I first found out about the torch browser because I didn’t think there was a company enlightened enough to just say ‘fuck it’ and supply the necessary programming.  While everyone else is still in the stone age, trying to work around outdated restrictions, they moved forward, capitalizing on what they already know people are doing, and giving the public what it wants.  In the world of information flow, the point isn’t to make blockages, it’s to keep things running smoothly.

I have no idea what the landscape of certain industries will look like in a few years, and I don’t care.  What I know is that as long as there are inventive people and companies out there who know how to take advantage of our advancements instead of restricting them, we’ll always have someone forward thinking enough to get it right.


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