American Shame

Ever since I saw that video yesterday on Youtube of Ms. Utah shaming herself and the American public with her inexcusable lack of general life knowledge, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head.  Or the implication of it, rather.  To most people viewing she was probably nothing more than a confused participant, cracking under the stress, or at worst, the classical pretty girl who never worries about improving her brain, only her looks.  But to me it was an example of the complacent ignorance of the American people.  She stood up there and exemplified why our politics never improve, why we have mass amounts of poverty in such a rich country, our over-eagerness to go to war over things that aren’t even understood, every cross burned in a field down south,  and every unnecessary murder and rape.  She stood up there and encompassed every problem in our deteriorating system.  And to put a cherry on the cake, she specifically mentioned (in her fumble for anything meaningful that might apply) that the issue in question was due to our educational system.  Though she clearly had no idea what she was saying, in her complete idiocy she made a good point.  She couldn’t answer the question because our educational system failed.  And though she might not have been referring to herself, she made a very direct connection between her ignorance, and our lack of ability to both facilitate good schools for the general public, and to promote the idea that education is more important than pop culture.  She showed in her feeble-mindedness that it was more important for her to stand in an evening gown to win a popularity contest, than to understand the concept that women all over the country work long hours and consistently receive less pay than their male counterparts.  This extremely important piece of information about the world around her (especially considering she is a woman) never made it into her brain in all her years alive.  Instead, she filled that bubble on her neck with thoughts of which shoes go best with which dress, which actor is the cutest, what the coolest catch phrase is, what movie to go see, and all the other entertaining, but not important, parts of life.  And though it’s okay to care about such things, maybe only after caring about the fact that equal wages can’t be expected in the year 2013.

For all the Youtube press that her stuttering stupidity received, and even as she was laughed at for it, it will no doubt fade into the background as the next big public faux pas is recorded and displayed on Youtube.  And what it means will fade as well.  No one will care, and nothing will change.  Why?  Because she will never change, and she represents America.Image


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