I’m a Jackass!

Let me start by saying I’m a jackass, and proud of it!  If you’re looking for a nice cozy little blog, with nice cozy little sentiments, you’re not gonna find that shit here.  Why?  Because I’m a jackass.  If you’re not okay with this I suggest you get the fuck off my blog!  I like pointing out the stupid things people do.  I like complaining about the bullshit in life.  I like not having to curb my attitude to make other people happy, or censor the shit that comes out of my mouth.  I might have to be nice at work.  I might have to behave myself at family get togethers.  But not here.  Oh no, not here.  On here the real Gary gets to lay it all out.  So welcome one and all to my own little corner of shame!


One thought on “I’m a Jackass!

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